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Mauiverse is an online platform that consists of the Maui Magazine, our Maui Connects podcast and the Maui Store.
We are passionate about art, inspiring others as well as connecting with others.

Our Maui Magazine aims to not only show diverse and captivating art work by emerging and established contemporary artist, but to also share more about their vision and mission.

The Podcast

The Maui Connects Podcast is a podcast to get inspired, to laugh and learn as you listen to our guests speak about their passion, share their view on life, lessons and we discuss subjects that go beyond our every day life.

The Store

The Maui Store originated from the desire to create something tangible with the energy of our mission to connect. Our studio offers unique and exclusive art prints, products as well as collaborations with our featured artists.


The Myth of Maui

According to the Myth, Maui was a Polynesian a demi-god. Many of his deeds were to better the lives of his fellow people.

Maui had created the Polynesian Islands, but after his creation was finished, he realized the sky was hanging too low for plants and trees to grow, and even the people living on the islands were unable to stand upright. Maui asked his father for help and together they pushed the sky up with all of their strength.

After the sky was lifted, the Sun was moving too fast. Maui commanded the sun to slow its pace across the sky and threatened the Sun to use magical lassoes made from his sister's hair. The sun agreed and so it happened that the growing season for all people on the islands increased.

Initiative | Heartmath

With our products we support the mission of the non-profit organization HeartMath Institute. The Hearth Math institute’s research, training and technologies are aimed at guiding humanity toward realization of its full potential and to rely on our qualities of the heart in our role for being caretaker of our future generations and our planet.

Through their Research, Education Programs and products they spread their knowledge and provide tools worldwide and among diverse cultures.

10% of profits from each product from the Mauiverse store is donated to help bring funds and awareness to the Hearth Math Institute.

Our ultimate gift we as humans have is the gift of Creation, and within the act of creation, to express the essence of our own divine selves.
There's more to life than meets the eye…
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