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Mauiverse is a platform created to inspire, inform and build a community. We as humans are more powerful than we think. We can make the world a better place.

We strongly believe in the power of human connection and interaction. This is the core believe from which the Mauiverse originated. It is our mission to connect people and their hearts, to connect likeminded people and to grow as a network.

The myth of Maui

As the Polynesian legend of Maui tells us, Maui was the youngest of four sons of his father Akalana, and his mother, Hinakawea. Maui was a demi-god with a youthful appearance, who was wise, playful and humoristic. He could also be described as a pioneer of society and provided the Hawaiians with fire and other tools that improved the quality of their lives and helped them in the quest for existence.

According to the Myth, Maui created the Polynesian Islands by tricking his brother to help him pulling up the islands with his magical fish hook, telling him it was a massive fish.

Maui also helped when he noticed that the Hawaiian people were unhappy, because they were held down by the sky. The low sky inhibited the growth of plants and trees and the people were unable to stand upright. Maui asked his father for help and together they pushed the sky with all of their strength, enough for the people, plants and trees to grow tall and strong again.

Maui not only helped the people of the islands to stand tall again, he also commanded the sun to slow its pace across the sky, by using magical lassoes made from his sister's hair, and threatening the sun. The sun agreed and so it happened that the growing season for all people on the islands increased. Maui worked together with his family often times to help and save humankind.


Our studio offers iconic prints of Line Art, Digital Art and other creative pieces. Founded in 2019, our studio was born from a desire to share the energy of our mission into something tangible. See more of our products in the shop.

Mauiverse | Heartmath

With our products we support the mission of the non-profit organization HeartMath Institute. The Hearth Math institute’s research, training and technologies are aimed at guiding humanity toward realization of its full potential and to rely on our qualities of the heart in our role for being caretaker of our future generations and our planet.

Through their Research, Education Programs and products they spread their knowledge and provide tools worldwide and among diverse cultures.

10% of profits from each product from the Mauiverse store is donated to help bring funds and awareness to the Hearth Math Institute.

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