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In old Egypt the heart was the seat of emotion, thought, will and intention, and there was no distinction made between the mind and the heart. The heart was crucial to enter the afterlife and one of the stages was the weight of the Heart against the feather of Maat, that decided one’s purity. The heart sends more neurological signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart, and although this has been known since the late 1800’s, this definitely is not common knowledge in our society today, in which much more attention is paid to the importance of our minds.

Art Eliza de Geus

The Heartmath institute however, pays a lot of attention to our heart, as they are researching the science of the heart for almost three decades now. Founded by Doc Childre, the Heartmath institute is located in Northern California, and one of the concepts they are researching extensively is the concept of being in a heart-coherent state. This physiological state means that our hearts beat at a particular frequency that generates feelings of gratitude, happiness and compassion. Also, it betters hormonal balance, improves immunity, reduces stress hormones and lowers blood pressure amongst others.

Based on this concept, Heartmath has developed different tools and trainings to help people understand and achieve heart coherency. Different programs have been developed for amongst others groups of kindergarten teachers, soldiers with PTSD and CEO’s. They have booked incredible results with their programs: one of their trainers is working in Lebanon with Syrian refugees, where he runs three programs: one for children, one for women, and one for victims of torture. Many refugee children manifest their stress in bed-wetting; in as little as three to four weeks, he’s had success rates of over 90 percent of the children stopping bed-wetting. With torture victims, it’s a longer process (about six weeks), but he was able to help reconnect them with their hearts too.

Another powerful example of the improvement of communication is in business. As Rollin McCraty ph.D, director of research and founding member of the institute explains in an interview; “every businessperson has learned some type of communication or listening technique over the course of their career. But when you are physiologically in a heart-coherent state, communication is a really different experience. It’s not uncommon that after a five-minute exercise, half the room ends up in tears because they’ve never been heard like that before. It’s hard to explain and put words around what happens in the trainings, but for many people, adding heart coherence to their existing communication/listening techniques is transformative.”

Heartmath is also researching the magnetic field of the heart and how this magnetic field is connected with the earth, possibly having the potential to increase the radiation of harmonizing energy. Rollin McCraty explains: “the idea of a global magnetic-field environment is not new: we believe the Earth’s magnetic field connects all living systems, so trees, animals, plants, etc. are all within that field. The research we’re doing now is starting to verify this theory.

“We’re finding that our personal magnetic field works with the Earth’s magnetic field, and when we tune ourselves correctly, we can receive the information it contains. There are typically hundreds of cell phone conversations happening and each phone is radiating a magnetic fields in the space around you right now. If you get out your phone and make a call, the receiver of your phone creates a resonant link tuned to a particular resonance that you grab onto to connect to the cell tower. Our hearts work the same way, but it’s what we care about that tunes us to the information around us.”

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For their Global Coherence initiative they have installed sensitive magnetometer systems at sites all around the world, hypothesizing that we’re all connected in a measurable way through the magnetic fields of the Earth. The results of this research could have incredible implications: their model suggests that as we become personally more self-regulated and heart-coherent, and especially as we start doing that in groups, this strengthens and amplifies what we’re feeding the global field. And as we feed the field more love, care, compassion and kindness, that puts a signal out that gets more people in touch with, and resonating with their frequencies, and they as well are `becoming kinder and more appreciative. So the personal, social and global are all linked, and in this way together we could create a better world.

Rollin McCraty,.As he said in an interview with Goop;

“ technology isn’t going to shift the problems we have in society and the planet —its going to take a shift of consciousness for that to happen.”

If you would like to learn more about the HeartMath institute and their mission, we can highly recommend to follow their blog where there is a lot of free information available about heart coherence and related subjects, as well as information on (global) events they are having.

We created our ’Silk Collection’ to support HeartMath’s mission. 45% of profits from each piece from our ‘Silk Collection’ is donated to help bring funds and awareness to the Hearth Math Institute. Click here to see our collection.

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