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Yelena York is an American fine artist based in Los Angeles. Known for her artistic techniques of both pointillism and stippling, her dedication of time and energy into her art pieces brings the art of craftsmanship to a next level. Both pointillism and stippling are notoriously time-consuming techniques in which the artist creates an image through the placement of individual dots. In Yelena’s case, her biggest piece, “Eden’s Apple”, consisted of over 500 million individual movements by the artist, taking 13 months to complete.

Currently she is working on her Tarot Card series. The tarot cards are drawn from her own imagination, without using an example. Infused with her knowledge of symbolism and mythology she adds her own personality and knowledge into these pieces of Art. “There will be 22 Major Arcana fine art medium size works and the rest of the deck will be made smaller to complete the full 78 cards.”

Tarot cards yelena york

Before starting her series, she takes several months to really dive deep into the knowledge behind her subject. As she tells about her Death Tarot card: “XIII / D E A T H is not the end of Life, it is Part of Life. Death is the beginning of all the good you were too afraid to let in. Death is giving an end to the Known and being ready for the Unknown. It is one of the most powerful and beautiful transitions you can go through- so make it happen with acceptance and self love”

Tarot cards yelena york

Originally from Armenia, Yelena uses her Art work now for raising money for the Armenian fund that protects the independency of Armenia and Artsakh. By purchasing one of her miniature hand signed prints or donations you can support Yelena York and her mission for her home country.

  • To see more of Yelena’s incredible pieces visit
  • You can also visit Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills
  • Follow Yelena on Instagram @yelenayork

Friday November 27th, 2020
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