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Woon - Chul Yang (1979) is a South Korean artist, art curator and art consultant based in Seoul who exhibits his sculptures, installations and paintings all over the world.

Having studied fine arts, philosophy, traditional craft and religious art, Woon Chul Yang brings incredible depth and richness to his minimalist artworks, representing also important elements in the Korean culture, such as traditions, rituals and spirituality.

You are becoming. You might think there's a completion or an end. There's no end to you while you breathe. Your heart is beating now. Yeah, let's live.

With each artwork Woon Chul Yang reflects on the essence of life. For him, the process starts from a moment of stillness and expressing the conversation with what is. Woon - Chul Yang explains: ’There were various perceptions of existence, and various stories about existence are being solved from the work.’. Woon-Chul Yang often writes a short philosophical poem with his painting, accompanying the reflective quality of his paintings.

How do we know if we're getting smaller or bigger? We'll know each other as we live.

Woon Chul Yang uses Ott-chil, a traditional Korean lacquer technique that is considered an art on its own. To be able to work with this lacquer technique requires a wide knowledge of chemistry and the obtainment, filtering and refining of the sap of the lacquer trees. But aside from the unique qualities of ott-chil such as a unique smooth gloss, lightweight with a very high level of protection to any object, it is also represents the old Korean culture of cultivating simple beauty and the cherishing of each item.

The world is not one The color is the same

We were incredibly impressed by the vividness, the profoundness, and at the same time the stillness that each of his artworks encompass. It feels as if Woon Chul Yang has cultivated exactly this simple beauty in his artworks, with each of them capturing a sense of wholeness and a perfect balance. And through their gentleness, openness and sincerity, the paintings invite you to go back to the essence of life itself.

See more of this inspiring artist on the artling and his personal instagram

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Thursday January 27th, 2022
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