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“Flowers are my paint and I work with space as my canvas, but as you enter any installation you are taken back to nature’s divine beauty. The human soul needs nature and time to appreciate all that the earth provides.”

Rebecca Louise Law is a well known artist who creates immense installations with flowers. She has worked together with different renowned brands such as Hermes, Max Mara and Jimmy Choo. Her installation are usually site-specific, and are created from thousands of flowers often hanging from the ceiling. Her installations can take up to hundreds of hours of preparation time, not only because sometimes they need a long drying process, but also because of the hours that are needed to delicately hand sew them together with fine copper wire.

By the passing of each day the installation transforms because of the fresh flowers that dry up and change their smell, encouraging the audience to frequent the installation. Rebecca Louise Law’s work is breathtaking, serene and peaceful, but contains also a deeper underlying message.

Rebecca Louise Law grew up in a family with gardeners, and although she was always surrounded with nature and flowers, it was not necessarily a field she pursued to be working in. She started studying fine art, where she enrolled as a painter and printmaker, but soon in her studies she became drawn to installation art as she wanted to be able to create a physical experience of nature for people. It was then that she went to learn everything she could about flowers, their history, cultivation, industry and material property. Aside from creating her floral installations, she was working as a florist too, which taught her a lot not only about flowers of course, but also about the wastefulness of this industry, where so many beautiful flowers are thrown away after not being sold.

Flower became a way of communicating her message, showing the world how much richness we already have. Her mission is to open up humanity’s eyes and re-evaluate the worth of what we were given. Since 2003 she has been collecting every flower and every remnant of dust left by the flowers at her shows. Through all the collected material she was able to sculpt new monumental artworks. Building a community also has been a part of her art work, and in various places she invited people from all walks of life together to participate in the creation of her installations. As she explains:

“Bringing all walks of life together to sit down and make something with their hands is rewarding for everyone. I believe that institutions can make art engagement proactive and less intimidating through community led art.”

The dedication and effort that Rebecca and her teams put into the installations is incredibly inspiring. She is able to create a magical experience where the audience becomes part of her living breathing artwork. The special ambiance that Rebecca Louise Law creates not only offers a place for the audience that feels serene and is filled with beauty, she also inspires people to rethink the value of nature, and reflect on themes such as consumerism, sustainability, and lifecycles and hopefully make people realize what beauty all the earth provides for us, everyday.

You can find more work of Rebecca Louise Law here, and on her her instagram!

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Monday February 14th, 2022



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