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Selected by Maui: Niloufar Chavosh

Poetic, elegant soft feminine shapes are covering the canvases created by Niloufar Chavosh (1983). Born in Tehran, Niloufar completed a Bachelor of Arts (Graphic design) at the University of Tehran in 2007, whereafter she has exhibited Niloufar Chavosh

internationally both individually as well as collectively. Since 2012, Niloufar lives in The Hague in the Netherlands.

Niloufar’s work and style expresses the colorful yet profound spirit and richness of Iranian culture. Her work looks vibrant and dignified, but also caught our eye because of the feminine and gentle energy her paintings emit.

Working mainly with acrylics she creates a unique, watercolor -like feel to her paintings, which she combines with a matte soft application of acrylic paint onto her canvases. For Niloufar, her Iranian heritage forms a huge inspiration, and everything comes together from her own mind when she starts creating her canvases full of all flowers, shapes, figures, and stories.

Her elegant paintings radiate life and mystery at the same time and allow us to dream away while looking at the rich details and warm colors that blend so well together.

Niloufar's website is currently under construction but you can also see her work on her instagram.

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Tuesday April 12th, 2022



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