Krzysztof Lozowski Water

Selected by Maui: Krzysztof Lozowski

"Lets be children as much as its possible for us.”

Krzysztof Lozowski, was born in 1970 in Sosnowiec, Poland. Already as a child he became fascinated with art and started to paint when he saw his 12 year older brother paint as well.

Known for his Expressive and dynamic style, for him all is possible to use when it comes to art, as he says himself ‘all can be used to paint, and all surfaces can be painted on’ (free translation). Yet at the same time, he strives for unity and harmony in his colors which he feels appear in the most unexpected moments.

His current series ‘water’ is the perfect example of the use of unexpected techniques combined into a harmonious surface. But the series also reflects his ability to express his inner childlike wonder into art and his encouragement to all of us to “be children as much as possible”.

Krzysztof Lozowski Water

His ‘Water’ series reflects the million ways light can express itself on the surface of water. And with that, it brings us back to the fascination and enchantment we had as children, sparking our endless imagination and inspiration.

Krzysztof Lozowski Water

Find out more of his artwork on here and here

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Monday January 25th, 2021



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