Kim Rose Art Tulum

Selected by Maui: Kim Rose

Kim Rose is a famous Los Angeles based modern minimalist artist and founder of mission.marisol, a non-profit charity raising money and awareness for the children in Tijuana, Mexico. She is famous for her minimal line-art and her watercolor resin fine art.

Kim Rose Art

This beautiful painting is called ‘Tulum’ and left us speechless. We were truly impressed by her innovative technique using a mixture of sand and stone, making the art piece a beautiful representation of nature at its finest. We love her use of subtle golden details, making her art piece very elegant and magical.

Kim Rose: “The natural beauty and architecture in Tulum served as huge inspiration. I really tried to not name this piece “Tulum” and go with something else. ‘...’ But “Tulum” was the only thing I could think of that encompassed all the feelings I had when looking at this piece. So “Tulum” it was. With my paintings, I want them to look striking from afar, and also to invite the viewer to get close. To explore all the beautiful little details. This piece does that perfectly for me.

Kim Rose Art

Everything about “Tulum” is completely custom. The colors, the technique. The colors were hand mixed to be the exact hue I wanted. I love how the warmth of this piece changes to mimic the room it’s in. Just like the beach in Tulum, the ocean looks blue in some lightings and green in others.”

  • To see more of Kim Rose visit her website here
  • To read more about Kim Rose's Mission visit the website of Mission Marisol



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