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Selected by Maui: James Chiew

James Chiew

“I am always looking for new perspectives. The challenge for me is to try and achieve the impossible. I want to make things more beautiful.”

James Chiew (1969) is a Singaporean artist who moved to Netherlands at a 17 years old. His artistic journey started as a hobby, and he is a completely self taught art director, photographer and artist.

His biggest inspiration is the ordinary; normal objects or images of people that he turns into special art pieces. The different layers James Chiew uses in his pieces capture the different messages James communicates through his art works. In this way he aims to let the audience think about what the place of these objects and people is / mean in the world.

James Chiew  Painting

For his artworks James mixes analogue techniques like canvas and interior pieces together with digital techniques such as photography and design software. For his art pieces he also uses all sorts of materials such as gold leaf, wood, epoxy, and RVS. also By his unexpected use of different techniques he is able to create contemporary, modern and innovative art pieces, characterized by deep and intense colors.

James Chiew Yin Painting

James Chiew White Rainbow painting

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