Dimitra Milan

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Dimitra Milan is known for her dreamy artworks where she tells you beautiful stories through a variety of symbols. It is amazing how she can blend all these stories into one world, and can take you away on a journey, and, as she says: ‘a feeling that anything is possible.’

Dimitra Milan Woman Painting

Born to two parents working in art and owning an art school, Dimitri was able to explore her artistic talent from a young age, where quickly it turned out she was truly gifted. Already by sixteen she was a well known and respected artist. Inspiration for her comes from her travels, and connecting to beautiful nature, powerful ocean waves and grand mountains, which strengthens her feeling of connecting to God.

Dimitra Milan Woman Painting

It is beautiful to look at the messages in her paintings where there is so much to discover and feels like a travel on its own. As she says ‘I think about the function and attributes of the animal and use it as a symbol. … I feel like the women who represent me or the viewer have an opportunity to overcome, or to be a part of, a grand supernatural adventure’.

‘I hope that when people see my artwork, they see beauty. I hope that they see themselves.’ I hope they have some kind of deep, internal response in their heart–not just a cognitive response. I want the paintings to be like a door to a new world, a heavenly realm where there are no prey and there are no predators, just beauty, hope, adventure, confidence, and of course love.

All quotes used in our article, you can find in this great interview on my modern met!

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