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“My process of painting is completely intuitive, and the second I try to add something because my mind says it thinks it would look good, my creative flow stops.”

Originally from Finland, Carolina Grunér, is known for her distinctive color palette, and spiritual and intuitive abstract paintings. When she went to a transformational fase at the age of 31, she decided to quit her job, trust her gut, and dive full into painting without any prior experience nor education. She has been painting full time ever since, even though before that age she never dared to finish a painting.

Carolina Gruner Painting

Nowadays she is a true inspiration for people with the same dream, illustrating courage and faith with her life choice(s), but also inspiring people with her messages on her personal instagram page.

“For me the most important element is that I feel that my painting is breathing, that it feels alive. That there is a sense of light and hope in it. When I sense or see this feeling in a painting, I usually know it is ready.”

… And I believe, that only when something is created with the heart, does it feel alive. Does it actually feel like magic. Like it’s healing you.”

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