Selected by Maui: Benjamin Cahillane

Benjamin Cahillane, born in Hamburg, Germany, is known for his abstract expressionist work. Through his work as a consultant he travels to many different places around the world, and for him the beauty and movement of nature he Benjamin Cahillaneencounters forms his biggest inspiration. These movements of nature he translates onto his canvas using sponges and mainly acrylic paint. Many of his paintings are created over a period of time, and although some paintings have a more minimal style, you can sense the depth of each layer he adds.

Expressing these movements in his own distinct style, he unconventionally strays from the traditional brush, using sponges to create vivid gestures and movements. Many of his paintings are spread over a couple of days, adding depth to the layers he weaves together over time. Cahillane shifts through these gestures, experimenting with specific colors through light and shadow and the diverse tones he can produce. 

Benjamin Cahillane

“I want people to have different aesthetic and visual experiences when they are looking at my paintings. Nothing is portrayed or described but the gestures and movements of the colors. This allows each viewer to find their way of enjoying and feeling the painting. I chose to let each of my paintings speak for itself. I believe that every reaction is the result of self-reflection. The viewer’s emotions and thoughts allow my paintings to be understood by each person individually.”

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Benjamin Cahillane

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