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Interview with Margherita Dall'Orso

In this interview we would like to introduce Margherita Dall’Orso, an emerging artist from the south of France. She defines her work as intuitive and abstract. Her paintings are a fascinating composition of different textures and mostly metallic hues (gold and silver). It is beautiful how her paintings reflect the vibrancy of different moments in nature and we loved the vision behind her art.

What inspires you?

Margherita Dall Orso

Nature is the greatest inspiration in my art. Nature moves us and is the greatest inspiration to see beauty in the world, and for me holds happiness. It helps us connecting to ourselves and connecting with others, as it is good for the mind and body.

Contemplating nature helps me to reach inner peace, a moment of stillness and mindfulness, as well as a sense of harmony. I seek and find harmony everywhere in nature, from its raw beauty, to mesmerizing scenery of sunrises and moonlights by the sea. For me these moments form great sources of inspiration and help me to keep a positive mindset.

I hope to spread that joy and happiness with everyone through my paintings. I want to make art that moves people, and inspires them to rise to a higher place within themselves.

How do your roots & the places you grew up (Italy and France) influence your work?

My surroundings and upbringing play a big part in my artistic journey, as I have lived from the chaotic and energetic city of New York to the most calming slow-paced life in the South of France and Italy. When I lived in New York City I was exposed to many different forms of art which has been a great source of inspiration for me and formed me as an abstract artist. Monaco, Côte D’Azur, Italy but also New York are a great inspiration with regards to the colors. My use of Gold and silver colors are influenced by the nature of the Côte D’Azur, but silver is also an influence of the New York’s glistening skyline.

Margherita Dall Orso

All of the places have given me so much and I really love the charm, beauty and energy as well as the people of the places I have lived. To me they represent the emotions of happiness and positivity.

Why do you choose gold & silver to work with?

Art for me signifies a new language, a new hope and vision. My pieces of art showcase the beauty and fullness of life through the use of metallic and luminescent colors such as gold and a silver, radiating light, positivity, creativity and joy.

I want to represent the importance attributed to the gold color, that expresses the powerful vibrance of the sun. The sun gives life and symbolizes the conscious mind, the determination to live and the creative force of life. Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth and gives light to interiors.

Silver colors for me represent the moon, water, influenced by the nature of Côte D’Azur, but also New York’s skyline and positivity.

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Tuesday May 25th, 2021



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