Him and Her by Eliza Gerie de Geus

From our own Gallery: Heartfelt Series

Heartfelt - /ˈhɑːtfɛlt/ adjective (of a feeling or its expression) deeply and strongly felt; sincere.

Heartfelt is used as an adjective, but what if it stood on its own? What if we are heartfelt? It would mean we are deeply felt, and to be able to be just that would mean being present, being connected; with yourself and with all that exists right here.

The moments we experience Heartfelt emotions, we are in a place of openness, because the walls that we tend to keep around our hearts can’t be present when we experience a heartfelt emotion.

Our heart is spacious, it is open, because it knows the language of love.

To experience Heartfelt emotions means to experience life, for life itself is love, and to experience love is to experience creation, From which all starts again.

"The words came tumbling down in her head, as he reached for her hand. She didn’t know what to say, because there was so much on her mind. But in that moment it didn’t even matter anymore. All she wanted was to lay her head down, and surrender. To feel the feeling of coming home. That he could carry her, and all the weight she had been carrying. Put it off, put the guards down, and simply be."

“Him and her” | 70 x 90 cm | Oil on canvas E-mail info@maui-studios for more information.

"N.2 From the Heartfelt Series." | 45 x 60 cm | Oil on canvas SOLD

"N.3 From the Heartfelt Series." | 50 x 70 cm | Oil on canvas SOLD

About the artist

Eliza Gerie de Geus is a Dutch / Polish Artist.

She combines dignity and intellect with an elegant and sensual energy. Interested in metaphysics and the spiritual – she brings these themes in her work. With her strong layers and subtle strokes, her paintings invite the viewer to look deeper behind the surface and allows them to discover deeper meaning and a realm where there is no limit to their imagination

Her diverse character and elaborate range of interests finds its expression in different art forms such as Line art, Digital art, and Fine Art.

Tuesday March 16th, 2021
Sunday February 21st, 2021



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