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Robert Tettero: Breathwork, Shamanism And Evolving Into Our Future

Western Science is just discovering what Ancient Traditions have known for ages; There is more to our world than our eyes can perceive. Indigenous people all over the world have always known this and see the visible world as a reflection of what is inside of us. Even more so, in Shamanism the dreamworld, or where our spirit travels when we are asleep, is considered even more real, than the visible world. Life is dreamed into being. Shamanism is all encompassing; it is rooted in deep spiritual and religious practice that still embraces traditional healing and is a way of life. Recognizing and acknowledging that they are first and foremost spiritual beings, they connect to the higher planes of existence and incorporate the knowledge in their daily lives. To learn more, we got into a conversation with Robert Tettero, who obtained his shamanic skills through his collaboration with many Native American Shamans and an apprenticeship with a Hopi Medicine Man. Robert Tettero is an experienced Personal Development Trainer, Life Coach, Shamanic Healer/Teacher, and Tantric. He is the founder of his practice, Manna Life Source and he also founded the European Rebirthing Association and a non-profit Foundation, The Precious Pearl. 

Manna Life and Breathwork


Manna is everything that is described as prana, chi, shakti, zero-point energy, scaler energy which are all different names and descriptions for energy. Later I found out that Manna (or Mana) means the bread of heaven. Manna, yes, is our life source. When people come to us for the first time I primarily offer them breathwork/rebirthing sessions, because it releases old stuck patterns and blocked energy and opens them to become more receptive to the transformation process. I started with breathwork primarily to resolve some of my own issues first. I diligently followed the whole curriculum and continued assisting in all the trainings and seminars for more than 5 years, and after 3 years started guiding and teaching others. Breathing, just breathing, already does so much for us. Through our breath, we can release stress, stuck energy and old patterns. Our breath and the way we breathe reflects our psycho- emotional state of being. Our breath is the very foundation for everything we come to do here and to achieve on earth. Our breath brings us in connection with the universe, it allows us to tap into the universal energy. With breathwork, you get closer to the (spiritual) truth. Connecting with our breath allows us to connect with our intuition. When we connect with ourselves, we connect with the universe. I experience this for myself and continuously see it in others as well, that when you start breathing right and start to connect with your breath, naturally, your intuition will develop and everything you will do will be in alignment with who you really are and with what you were meant to do. That’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about breathwork and love to coach and guide others to use the breath in their daily spiritual practice. 

My path to Shamanism


My path to Shamanism actually started at a young age, but without really realizing it. As a young child, I was very intuitive and in tune with things where most people around me were not. I could sense and see things that others could not. I remember I was very conscious about what happened around me, how people behaved, but I couldn’t understand why some did things the way they did. As a child, I lived in different countries across the world and two times I experienced war and revolution. I felt like I didn’t belong on this earth, with so much hatred and negative energy. My search started young, at age 10, living in India, when I started to take bible classes with the Nuns at the local Catholic Church. A few years later when we moved to Rome I joined another religious movement. After my experiences with Christianity, I started to learn more about Buddhism. And so on, and so forth. As a child, I was having a lot of visions and lucid dreams about past lives. While I did not realize they were past lives, I knew it had nothing to do with this life. In my adult life, the pieces of the puzzle slowly started to fit together.

Robert Jayd Tettero Manna Life coaching

It was after I quit my job as a management consultant and had left for the United States that I came into contact with the Native American people of the Southwest, particularly in Arizona and New Mexico. I had read the books of Carlos Castaneda, who wrote a series of books describing his apprenticeship with a North Mexican sorcerer called Don Juan Matus, which was my source of inspiration to leave my former life behind in search of my true self. During my travels I ended up at a ceremonial gathering where healers from all over the United States came together. I was there giving breathwork healing sessions. During the day all kinds of ceremonies were held that anyone could attend. There was one particular healer who was seen as very special. People that came to him for a healing session experienced the most amazing things, and during the course of the week so many people were urging me to go to him for a healing session as well. I was hesitant at first because there was quite some screaming coming out of his tent during the day and this guy looked massive and intimidating. Eventually, at some point, I decided to go see him. The first thing he said to me was: “thanks for overcoming your resistance!”. He had obviously been observing me. Next thing he told me was to come and see him at 5 am the next morning. Frightened but not showing it I asked him why. His answer? Because in the morning I have all my strength back, which scared the living daylights out of me. When I arrived, he took me to the desert. We walked through the dark and after a while he stopped in the middle of nowhere, bent over and opened a hatch door, that hadn’t been visible at first since sand covered it. He told me to enter. Whilst I had my doubts, I agreed, I was already there anyway. When we entered the cave he lit the place and came sitting across me. Breaking what seemed like a long silence he then said: I’m going to teach you everything I know. It was not something I consciously had been searching for, but at that very moment it resonated to my core and I felt a deep recognition that it was exactly that, which I was looking for. He also told me that I was not allowed to teach people what he taught me... I immediately understood the significance of his words: that any knowledge passed on had first to be made my own! 

Duality and reality


When you understand that everything is essentially energy, and everything that is outside of us, is inside of us as well, you realize that duality is a human concept and nothing more. For me, duality does not exist. Most people live in the belief of separation, of duality. I am not you, I am different than you, we are separated. It’s part of my work to teach people to release the idea of duality and start to see our unity. That’s why in my courses I let people experience breathing together in a group in sync. It helps us to momentarily forget about ourselves and our opinions, and for all to experience the feeling of being that one drop of the same ocean. To see through the duality and to realize we are all one. We are one sound, uni - verse, one song. When you attend a Shamanic dance ceremony, where a group of people are dancing exactly in tune with one another, it is like you see the living embodiment of this spiritual truth. It’s what they are, not what they do. You come from the earth, you are part of it, and the earth is part of you. This is taught in Shamanism. Tantra is also a direct experience of being one with the all. Tantra is another great passion of mine. I think Tantra allows you to fully open yourself to life. Everything that seems negative, or you feel resistant towards, is nothing more than a lesson. What can it teach you? When you start seeing your problems like this, instead of focusing on the problem, focus on this question, energy will flow towards a creative solution instead of making the problem even bigger. In this way, you get into a flow with life. In Tantra as well as in Shamanism, you learn to become the observer; to become the witness. As a witness you remain detached and calm, you observe yourself in the process of becoming, you stay rooted in the here now, you gain enormous insights. It’s beautiful to see that all original, spiritual teachings share this same vision and intent. 

Evolution and our future


We still see a lot of bad things happening in the world. According to Shamanism, our world (and our reality) is nothing more than the reflection of what is inside of us. I think humanity lives in spiritual poverty. We need to acknowledge the fact that in the first place we are spiritual beings. Not only do we have a physical body, but a spiritual and an emotional body as well. We need to keep them healthy to live in a physically healthy body too, and in a healthy world. That’s why it is important to start working on what is inside of us. We don’t need a revolution, we need an evolution. In a revolution things keep repeating itself over and over again, but people need to wake up, we need to evolve. To evolve, we need to heal and live in the frequency of truth, simplicity & love. In my courses, when people connect to spirit again and realize who they truly are, they almost always cry.

When we experience deep realizations it always comes paired with sadness, because you realize what you have been disconnected from for so long. Spirit and the universe are unconditional love. We experience this when we meet each other in truth, just be with each other, without judgment. When you meet in truth you meet in unconditional love. Unconditional love nowadays is so rare, but so powerful. Love is very healing. We as people have to get our power back and evolve in love. Remember what the Shamans say, The outer world is only reflecting our inner state of being! People need to understand that in the time coming, for the future, we have to collectively choose our outcome. We all have our own perception of reality, but when we finally unlearn everything we learned, or as the Shamans say, our indoctrination, and we come back to the real truth, we will know who we truly are, spiritual, multidimensional beings, just for a very short time, experiencing this 3 dimensional holographic reality. Signing up to be part of the Earth experience is part of our evolution.

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