Dimitra Milan
B.D. Graft
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B.D. Graft, is a German artist located in Amsterdam where he moved to for his studies; BA Media and Culture (specialization in film) and MA English Literature and Culture. During his studies he started making his art and uploaded his work in 2014 to ...

Minku Kim New York
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Minku Kim was born in 1989 in Seoul, South Korea. Kim lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He is currently being represented by Berggruen Gallery in San Francisco ...

Astrology the Peacedealer
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Astrology is a metaphysical science that has been practiced since ages. But recently, astrology has increased immensely in popularity. With daily life so altered and unclear, more people are turning to astrologers for clarity and guidance as Business ...

Sanford Meisner
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How often are we truly present? And, how often are we truly present, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and deeply connect with others and our hearts. We love to see these moments in movies, because it touches something inside of us. We as humans ...

studio drift
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Lonneke Gordijn & Ralph Nauta are the founders of Studio Drift, located in the Netherlands. Known for their Dandelions and ‘Flower balloons’ their mission is to ‘reconnect humanity with nature through technology’ ...

Yelena York
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Yelena York is an American fine artist based in Los Angeles. Known for her artistic techniques of both pointillism and stippling, her dedication of time and energy into her art pieces brings the art of craftsmanship ...

Nicole Wijnhoven
Kim Rose Art Tulum
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Kim Rose is a famous Los Angeles based modern minimalist artist and founder of mission.marisol, a non-profit charity raising money and awareness for the children in Tijuana, Mexico. She is famous for her minimal ...

Robert Tettero Shaman
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Western Science is just discovering what Ancient Traditions have known for ages; There is more to our world than our eyes can perceive. Indigenous people all over the world have always known this and see the visible world as a reflection of what is ...


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