Lian Zhang artist
Tishk Barzanji
Tishk Barzanji print

Tishk Barzanji is a London based Visual artist and illustrator known for his intriguing modern surrealistic illustrations. Fascinating ...

Rebecca Louise Law

“Flowers are my paint and I work with space as my canvas, but as you enter any installation you are taken back to nature’s divine beauty. The human soul needs nature and time to appreciate all that the earth provides.”

Ilhwa Kim

Ilhwa Kim (b. 1967) is a South Korean contemporary artist who is known for her abstract sculptural landscapes created from tens of thousands of seed units. She creates each single one of these seed units by drawing a combination of straight lines and ...

Painting Woon Chul Yang

In our last Selected by Maui we wrote about Woon - Chul Yang (1979), a South Korean artist, art curator and art consultant, known for his captivating minimalistic artworks.

We ...

Woon Chul Yang

Woon - Chul Yang (1979) is a South Korean artist, art curator and art consultant based in Seoul who exhibits his sculptures, installations and paintings all over the world.

Having studied fine arts, philosophy, traditional craft and religious ...


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